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Mobile computing has changed the game. Your personal data is no longer just stored on your desktop in the sanctuary of your office or home. You now carry personally identifiable information, financial data, personal and corporate email, and much more in your pocket, wherever you go. The smartphone is quickly becoming ubiquitous, and with at least 40 applications installed on the average smartphone the attack surface is significant.

Smartphones have become commonplace not only in the consumer markets but also now in the enterprise. Enterprise mobile applications extend the corporate environment beyond the workplace, introducing new security concerns and exposing organizations to new types of threats. Enterprises embracing “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) strategies should be particularly mindful of the array of applications that the smartphone may have installed and run within the corporate network.

This book is a practical guide to reviewing the security of mobile applications on the most widely adopted mobile operating systems: Apple iOS, Google Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile. It focuses solely on the client-side, examining mobile applications in the context of these devices as opposed to server-side applications, where security is much more mature and better understood.

Overview of This Book

This book is roughly split into the topics covered for each of the mobile device platforms, you can think of it as four books in one! For each of the mobile platforms; we provide a pragmatic approach to performing a mobile application security assessment. First detailing the necessary background information on how to analyze the application itself, followed by detailed information on how to attack the application and the categories of vulnerability that affect the relevant platform, finally providing remedial action that can be implemented to develop secure mobile applications. If you are new to mobile application security, it is recommended that you read the book from start to finish, acquiring the knowledge and understanding to tackle later chapters. This can be applied to the relevant chapters for each mobile platform, or the entirety of the book. If you’re only interested in one specific platform or only a specific area of a platform, you can jump straight into the subsection that interests you. Where applicable, we have included cross-references to other chapters, which can be used to fill any gaps in your understanding.

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